Thawte Code Signing

It is a specialized Thawte certificate which enables developers and software companies to add a digital signature to their online distributed applications. Thanks to the signature, any code change during distribution to the customer is recognized and the application is marked as untrustworthy. By signing the application with a Thawte Code Signing certificate users can be sure the software definitely comes from the company that created it.

  • Identifies software producer
  • Verifies code integrity
  • Protects user against malware
  • Enhances organization trustworthiness
  • Support a wide range of platforms
  • Full organization validation
  • 1-2 years validity
  • Free certificate reissue
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Customer support in English

Recommended certificate usage

The certificate can be used primarily by developers and in software organizations who want to have their applications, which are to be distributed online, digitally signed.

Thawte Code Signing price list

1 year 2 years Order
Price per year / CA / you save
£90.00 / $299 / 69.9%
£78.75 / $549 / 71.3%
Price per year / CA / you save
£90.00 / $299 / 69.9%
£78.75 / $549 / 71.3%

Prices listed excl. VAT.

  • Certificate detail
  • Supported platforms
  • Validation and issuance time
  • Validity and renewal

Displaying the certificate

After starting an application signed by the Thawte CodeSigning certificate, in addition to information about the file being opened, information about the trustworthiness of the organization by which the application was digitally signed will be displayed. The date the application was signed, certificate authority details, etc., can be retrieved from the detail.

Details of Thawte Code Signing certificate

Supported platforms

You can select a Thawte Code Signing certificate suitable for your purposes according to the platform used.

Microsoft® Authenticode®

The certificate can be used to sign .exe, .cab, .dll, .ocx, .msi, .xpi, and .xap type files, and to sign kernel-mode applications. It is essential to get Microsoft Windows Logo certification.


A certificate for Java desktop and mobile applications. Signs .jar files and Java Runtime Environment (JRE) supports it.

Microsoft® Office and VBA

The certificate serves to sign VBA objects and macros. Suitable for Microsoft Office and third-party application using VBA.

Adobe® AIR®

Digitally signs .air or .airi files. Essential for all applications based on AIR.


Certificate for Apple Mac OS software.

Validation process

The SSL certificate issue process is fully manual and means validation of the owner of the domain for which the SSL certificate will be issued, validation of the organization of the certificate applicant and telephone verification of the contact person. Organizationdata is checked in theCommercial Register and the organization contact data inpublic phone books. Final validation is a phone call with the authorized person stated on the order
. If the certificate authority can't find any information publicly, it requires additional validation using forms. The time to issue the certificate increases by the time needed to make additional verifications.

Certificate issuance time

If you enter a correct CSR file to your order and make the payment, the validation and issuance process of your SSL certificate is generally finished in a couple of business days.

Certificate validity

The SSL certificate is valid from the date its validation is finished and the certificate is issued. The validity period runs from this date for the period (of years) selected in the SSL certificate order.

Certificate reissue

You can have your certificate reissued (if, for example, you delete your private key) any time and fot FREE, if necessary. To successfully reissue of the certificate it is necessary to supply a new CSR file which contains the same data as the original order.

Certificate renewal (RENEW)

The SSL certificate renewal process can be started 90 days before the end of the validity period. There is no need to worry about losing the remaining certificate validity time, This period will be added to the renewed certificate and the unused days will be rounded up to months. The remaining period can only be added when you order the SSL certificate renewal and pay for it at least 17 days before expiration.

A Complete Overview of the Thawte SSL certificate We Offer

SSL certificate Prices from
Price Thawte Validation Support
Issuance time
SSL 123 £35.00 $149 DV NO 10 minutes 1-3 BuyDetail
SSL 123 Wildcard £141.67 $745 DV NO 10 minutes 1-3 BuyDetail
Web Server £62.33 $218 OV 1-250 2 days 1-3 BuyDetail
Web Server EV £144.38 $344 EV 1-250 7 days 1-2 BuyDetail
Web Server Wildcard £258 $688 OV NO 2 days 1-3 BuyDetail
Code Signing £78.75 $299 OV NO 2 days 1-2 BuyDetail