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DigiCert Standard SSL is a TLS OV certificate from CA DigiCert. Its advantage is an extremely fast issuence in a matter of hours. Supports RSA and ECC keys and can secure up to 250 domains. Wildcard SANs secure an unlimited number of subdomains.

OV - organization vetting
DigiCert site seal
1-250 Additional domains
1d Issuing Time
100% Browser Recognition
  • Pricefrom £639
  • Validity1 year
  • Secures domain incl. www
  • Compatible w/all major browsers
  • Public key algorithm RSA & ECC
  • Symmetric encryption256 bit
  • Public key length2.048 (3.072/4.096) bits
  • Root CADigiCert Global Root
  • Money-back guarantee30 days
  • Certificate reissuefree and unlimited
  • Multi-domain support (SAN)YES
  • Warranty (USD)$1 250 000

Recommended certificate use

A Wildcard TLS certificate finds its use when you need to secure multiple subdomains on multiple servers using only one TLS certificate. You can secure usual domains (FQDN) as well.

DigiCert Wildcard SSL price list

Certificate DigiCert Wildcard SSL support SANs (DNS names). SAN could be any Wildcard domain, or particular FQDN domain. You can secure any public domain you want.

1-year Price

  • CA sells it for: 852 €
  • Huge savings over the CA price

Additional SANs

+ 1x domain: £140.00

+ 1x Wildcard: £605.00


A multi-year order

Ordering for more years will save you a lot of money! You can order TLS certificates for up to 6 years. You will receive the renewed follow-up certificate every year.

  •  Save time. One order and payment = less administration.
  •  The longer the validity of the order, the higher the savings due to the decreasing annual price.
  •  You will receive the following one-year certificate automatically and on time, you just exchange it on the server.
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Prices are without VAT.

The certificate in the browser

All the TLS certificates we offer are 100% trusted and website visitors are not bothered by browser errors.

In a web browser, secure communication is shown in the address bar using the lock icon and the letter "s" next to the http in the URL.

You can check the certificate owner and issuer by clicking on the lock. Learn moe about the TLS certificate in the browser.

certificate DigiCert Wildcard SSL in the browser

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Wildcard certificate secures all subdomains in place of the asterisk. Typically, 3rd-level subdomains are secured using Wildcard. For example, the certificate for *.zoner.com secures the subdomains mail.zoner.com, autodiscovery.zoner.com and others.

If the Wildcard certificate is issued for a 3L domain * .zoner.com, it also secures the 2L base domain zoner.com. However, this does not apply to asterisks on a lower-level domain (*.something.zoner.com does not secure something.zoner.com).
The CSR for a Wildcard certificate is created for the domain including the asterisk; for example *.zoner.com. The asterisk in the Common name represents future subdomain positions, which may be unlimited.

You can create CSRs in the SSLmarket order to save your time and then you are sure that the CSR is correct for the order.
Additional SANs can be added to the Wildcard certificate. You can combine both the wildcard SANs and the regular domain names (FQDN). Adding SANs is completely flexible and for additional costs.