Code Signing EV certificates

Code Signing certificates are specialized certificates designed to sign applications. They are necessary for both the publisher and the application users themselves, as they guarantee the origin of the application, its immutability, and the identity of the publisher. In addition, EV certificates are even more trusted and are stored exclusively on a token that protects them against theft and misuse.

Code Signing EV certificates

Why do I need to sign the Code Signing application with a certificate?

Application signatures protect users against code changes; changing a signed application will make it untrustworthy. By signing an application with a Code Signing certificate, users will be assured that the software they have acquired is clearly from the company that created it and they can trust the software. Application signing is also required to distribute the software ( via Apple store, Google Play, Microsoft store, etc.).

When the signed application is started, the user can see the name of the publisher and click on the name to see the details of the Code Signing certificate. Any change to the code will invalidate the signature. This allows the user to authenticate the publisher and the application code cannot be changed.

Signing with an EV certificate is more trustworthy

Signing Code Signing with an EV certificate guarantees 100% credibility of the application, even for SmartScreen filter in Windows. You can be sure that Windows will not block your application. Storing a certificate on a token protects both the private key and the certificate against theft and misuse. The certificate, together with the private key, cannot be exported and a password is required to use it. Abuse is therefore practically impossible.

aplikace podepsané Code Signing certifikátem ochraňují uživatele

Safest Code Signing EV Certificate

The new generation of Code Signing EV certificates better secures code signing by using a certification authority token, making certificate misuse virtually impossible. It helps to make your application more trustworthy and prevents program blocking in the Windows Smartscreen Filter. You also need a certificate to sign drivers for Windows.
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