Personal certificates (Personal ID, S/MIME)

Personal certificates (Personal ID, S/MIME) are used for proving an identity of some person and for electronic communication (el. signature). Message signed by electronic signature proves not just it's origin, authorship and data integrity, but also the identity of the sender, which is verified and stated in the personal certificate.

Personal certificates (S/MIME)

S/MIME protocol is designed for electronic signature and signing of documents. The protocol name is used to call the category of certificates for electronic signature.

You can use certificates listed in this category to sign or encrypt emails, documents and, of course, to authenticate yourself.

Comparison of S/MIME certificates in our offer

Table below shows a comparison of the S/MIME certificates in our offer and the information they contain. With it you can decide for a specific S/MIME certificate.

  DC Class 1 DC Class 2 QV Advanced+ Personal QV Advanced+ Personal Organisation QV Advanced+ Organization
Owner's e-mail
Name of the owner
Owner's company name

Summary of S/MIME certificates in our offer

S/MIME certificate Our price Level of signature Supports AATL Issuing Time Validity (years) Buy
Prices are without VAT.
Secure Email for Individual From £8.67 Class 1 NO 2 minutes 1-3 Buy
Secure Email for Business & Organization From £38 OV NO 2 days 1-3 Buy