DigiCert Client Premium Class 2 S/MIME Buy

The highest S/MIME certificate by DigiCert allows email encryption in addition to signing. Issuing is based on an email confirmation (preceded by an organization verification) that allows you to issue this S/MIME certificate in minutes.

OV Organization and e-mail
1 secure addresses
Additional domains
2 days Issuing Time
100% Browser Recognition
  • Pricefrom £44
  • Validity1-3 years
  • Secures owner's e-mail
  • Compatible w/desktop and cloud clients
  • Public key algorithm RSA
  • Symmetric encryption256 bits
  • Public key length2.048 (3.072/4.096) bits
  • Root CADigiCert Assured ID Root CA
  • Money-back guarantee30 days
  • Certificate reissuefree and unlimited
  • Multi-domain support (SAN)N/A
  • Warranty (USD)N/A

Recommended certificate use

We recommend using the DigiCert Client Premium S/MIME certificate for electronic communication to be trusted and signed. The certificate allows sender authentication, email signing, and you can also use it to sign documents.

DigiCert Client Premium Class 2 price list

S/MIME certificate DigiCert Client Premium Class21 certificate can be used not only for signing emails but also for signing documents. DigiCert Client Premium certificate also allows email encryption.


1-year Price

  • Guaranteed (advanced) signature in all clients

2-year Price

  • Guaranteed (advanced) signature in all clients
  • Lower price per year

3-year Price

  • Guaranteed (advanced) signature in all clients
  • Lower price per year over 2-year

Prices are without VAT.

Displaying the certificate in the client

All offered S/MIME certificates are fully trusted and recipients of your messages or documents will have no problem with them.

The email client clearly shows the information about a valid signature and you can display the detail of the certificate.

DigiCert Client Premium certificate corresponds to Class 2 and contains not only the applicant's email and name, but company name as well. The authentication is thus equivalent to OV authentication for SSL/TLS certificates.

The electronic signature guarantees the sender's address, the document’s immutability and integrity and also allows the message to be encrypted. Use a Class 2 or higher certificate to sign the email or documents with full sender authentication (name, email, company).

DigiCert Client Premium in client

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

No special or additional software or development environment is required to sign documents, as is the case with Code Signing certificates. You can sign the document directly in the software you create it in. For example, signing support is available in the widespread Adobe Acrobat, MS Office, LibreOffice and OpenOffice products.

For specific procedures for signing in these programs, see the Help article Signing documents with a Signing documents with a Document Signing certificate.
In general, yes; but it depends on the specific software and its implementation. If the program knows the signature time (from a valid timestamp) and can check the revocation of the certificate, then the signature will be valid. However, this may not work entirely in all office programs.

If the validity of a signature in documents is critical and you require it for many years to come, then we recommend an electronic archiving service to manage the document life cycle.
Class 1-2 levels determine the degree of certificate verification. The higher the level, the more information is included in the certificate. Only the owner's email is listed in the Class 1 certificate. Higher Class 2 includes the certificate owner's name, email address, and company name.

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