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We provide a comprehensive solution for securing your data

ZONER is a world leader in Cybersecurity and a top Internet service provider. It's one of the largest sellers of TLS certificates in Europe and it successfully provides digital communications to customers around the world. It bases its extensive experience, innovative technologies, excellent service management, and professional customer service on working with cyber security giants such as CA DigiCert, CA QuoVadis, and KeyTalk BV.

Number one in Central Europe.

The know-how of our success

User intelligibility

The client should understand how the certificate and encryption work, but they should not be unnecessarily overwhelmed with detailed information that they don't even need to know.

Qualified support

All SSL market employees are certified as Sales Expert Plus. They are fully qualified to advise you correctly on the selection of certificates and help with their deployment.

Partner CA reliability

We have always focused only on the highest quality products. We offer popular Thawte certificates and others from DigiCert - the largest certification authorities in the world.

We are a proud partner of the largest certification authority in the world

DigiCert awarded us the title of Certified Partner Platinum Elite. We got this award due to our long-term business cooperation and high standard of service. For customers, it is a guarantee that we not only sell certificates, but that we deliver added value and provide high-level customer support.

We are a DigiCert Platinum Elite partner

Digicert praises us

Digicert praises us

"ZONER is one of our top partners with a turnover of over $ 1 million this year. We are happy to name them as one of our Million Dollar Club Awards winners."

Philip Antoniadis, Vice President, Global Sales, DigiCert

We have received important awards

Our high standard of work has been confirmed by several important awards. The most valuable achievement is the Partner of the Year 2019, which DigiCert awards to their best partner of all. Our success is further underlined by the Million Dollar Award, which we have repeatedly earned based on our turnover. For a complete overview of our achievements, visit the SSL market Achievements and Awards.

You can find a complete overview of our achievements at SSLmarket achievements and awards.

DigiCert Partner of the year 2019

Our customers

Our customers

For many years, ZONER has been providing TLS certificates to important European companies and e-shops.

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Use our guide for certificate selection.

The wizard will help you choose the best certificate for your project..

If necessary, do not hesitate to contact our customer support, who will help you select the certificate and any questions. When solving customer requests, we do not distinguish the size of the client, each client deserves our full support.

We appreciate your feedback

We are interested in your opinion. It is only thanks to you that we can innovate and simplify the process of securing your Internet projects. We will be glad if you write to tell us whether you do not like something, are not satisfied with something, or whether we have surprised you with something nice. You can contact us through our contacts and social networks.