End of multi-year orders for 4-6 years

(24.10.2023) From 31.10., multi-year orders for 4-6 years will not be available, however you can still use discounted multi-year orders for 2 and 3 years. You will therefore not lose the opportunity to benefit and simplify the life cycle of the certificate.

Advantageous multi-year orders with automatic reissue

Although the validity of TLS certificates is limited to only 1 year, you can order it for more years. Then the certificate is regenerated several times and you don't have to order it again every year. You don't have to worry about regenerating and delivering a new certificate, you will receive it automatically in time and just deploy it on the server. You will also save time and money with a favorable multi-year order.

Limitations on multi-year orders

DigiCert from 31.10. cancels multi-year orders for 4-6 years, but the possibility of ordering for 2-3 years remains. So you will still save compared to one-year orders and you will not have to order the certificate every year.

How does the change affect existing multi-year orders?

Existing multi-year orders are not affected by this change. If you have an order for 4-6 years, it will continue to be valid until the order expires and you will receive new certificates every year.