This year's DigiCert CA conference - another success for SSLmarket

2 Dec 2021 | Petra Salašová

Every year, DigiCert CA organizes meetings of its representatives and business partners. Although the circumstances of the conference have changed, DigiCert is still the most trusted provider of PKI solutions in the world and SSLmarket is the largest seller of SSL/TLS certificates in Central Europe. SSLmarket has received significant awards at many previous meetings - and this year was no exception.

DigiCert is not only a certification authority, but offers a wide range of security services as well. It is a provider of PKI and IoT solutions, that the customer can find in the modern DigiCert ONE platform, in which DigiCert offers comprehensive modules Enterprise PKI Manager, IoT Device Manager, Secure Software Manager, and Document Signing Manager. Their names suggest what they are for and they cover all the secure service needs of any large company.

DigiCert regularly expands its offer through partner companies and acquisitions; for example, by introducing the KeyTalk service, which we also offer to our customers, as well as VMC certificates. DigiCert also plans to integrate PSD2 and qualified certificates.

Each Roundtable also includes an award ceremony. With a little exaggeration, we could say that award announcements have become our domain. In 2016, we received an award for the highest sales growth in the EMEA region, and in 2018 and 2019 we were given the Million Dollar Club Award. We also appreciate other awards from 2019; the Collaboration Award and especially the highest possible Partner of the Year award. Last year, we saw double success in the Sales Performance Award and DigiCert Champion Award. And this year? For this, we recently won the Innovation Award and Sales Performance Award from the Roundtable, although so far only virtually. The collection of our awards has thus become complete. We are very pleased that we not only manage to maintain a high standard for our services, but also constantly improve, and that our work is rewarded to the maximum.

We are always the first to offer the latest DigiCert products and technologies. We were the first to come up with the possibility of automating the acquisition and installation of a certificate via the ACME protocol, as well as with multiyear orders. At this year's awards ceremony, DigiCert said about us:

"We are honored to recognize Zoner as the recipient of the 2021 DigiCert Partner Innovation Award. Their innovative UI design brought to life DigiCert products on their website, so it’s no surprise that they were the top reseller of Multi-year Plan certificates in EMEA this year. Congratulations to everyone at Zoner who made this possible."

Philip Antoniadis - EVP of Worldwide Sales, DigiCert

This year's cooperation with DigiCert CA was mainly marked by multi-year orders launched by autoreissue. Thanks to the highest level of partnership, we have also been able to offer you VMC certificates, a new DigiCert Smart Seal and KeyTalk automation service, thanks to which it is possible to automate Code Signing certificates and sign your code using a cloud that makes the certificate available anywhere in the world. The awards testify to the quality of our work, and you can be sure that we are the best supplier of SSL/TLS certificates and PKI for you and your company.