The end of two-year certificates is approaching

(April 27. 4. 2020) After September 1, 2020, Apple devices will not trust certificates issued after this date for more than one year*. Over time, this will undoubtedly put an end to the issuance of two-year certificates. Get a two-year certificate while you can!

Apple will stop recognizing two-year certificates

Apple's decision to recognize TLS certificates for a maximum of one year has led to industry-wide changes. The aim of this restriction is to speed up the rotation of keys, which should contribute to greater security on the Internet.

Certification authorities advocated maintaining multi-year validity mainly for their customers. DigiCert, the largest CA in the world, has not yet announced a decision to stop issuing two-year TLS certificates, but it can be expected to do so by September. Just as we anticipate that Apple's decisions will be followed by other browser manufacturers who prefer the shortest certificate validity.

Renew your certificate for two years as soon as possible

Get a certificate for two years while you can. A certificate issued before September 1, 2020 will run smoothly until its expiration. The restriction applies only to certificates issued after this date.

*Note: The maximum validity limit only applies to TLS certificates, not Code Signing and signing certificates.