Symantec Secure Site Pro certificate

SSL certificate providing the highest possible encryption level with minimum of 128-bit depth in obsolete browsers and operating systems. During the process to validate and issue the Symantec Secure Site Pro certificate the organization, for which the SSL certificate is issued, is fully identified.

  • Trustworthy for 99.9% of browsers
  • Full Organization Validation (OV)
  • Free certificate reissue
  • Symantec Seal-in-Search
  • Web Site Malware Scan
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Highest encryption level
  • 1-3 years validity
  • Norton Secured Seal
  • SAN/UC, IDN support
  • Netsure warranty $1 500 000
  • Customer support in English

Recommended certificate usage

We recommend using the SSL certificate to acquire the highest security level when usage of older web browser can be anticipated.
If a user-friendly approach plays a vital role, we recommend using the Symantec Secure Site EV (Extended Validation) certificate.

Symantec Secure Site Pro certificate price list

1 year 2 years 3 years Order
Price per year / CA / you save
£630.00 / $995 / 36.7%
£550.00 / $1790 / 38.5%
£525.00 / $2480 / 36.5%
Price per year / CA / you save
£630.00 / $995 / 36.7%
£550.00 / $1790 / 38.5%
£525.00 / $2480 / 36.5%
SAN/UC extension £356 £623 £890

SAN/UC extension - price per 1 subject. Prices listed excl. VAT.

  • Certificate detail
  • More domain support (SAN/UC)
  • Validation and issuance time
  • Validity and renewal

Displaying the certificate in a browser

All these certificates are fully trustworthy and website visitors are not bothered by any message about untrustworthiness. In a web browser, the information about secured communication is displayed in the address bar by the lock icon and by the letter "s" next to the http protocol. By clicking the lock you can verify the site operator and the certificate publisher. More information about displaying the certificate in a browser.

displaying the certificate Symantec Secure Site in a browser adress bar
Details of certificate Symantec Secure Site in a browser

More domain security support

The SSL certificate supports SAN/UC technology (Subject Alternative Name/Unified Communications), which enables you to secure more domains (subjects) with one SSL certificate. In this way the purchase price to achieve SSL security for more web projects can be significantly reduced.
The Symantec Secure Site Pro SSL certificate supports 24 additional domains (subjects) to the primary domain. So in total you can secure up to 25 unrelated domains.
The price for SAN/UC extension is for one subject at a time and the number of domains (subjects) is entered when placing the order. During the certificate validity period SAN domains can be changed or added. The primary domain cannot be changed during the validity period.

Usage examples

  • (FQDN - Fully Qualified Domain Name)
  • (subdomain)
  • (Microsoft Exchange service)
  • (internal domain name)
  • EXCHANGE01 (internal server name / NetBIOS name)
  • (private IP address)

Validation process

The SSL certificate issue process is fully manual and means validation of the domain owner for which the SSL certificate will be issued, validation of the certificate applicant’s organization and telephone verification of the contact person.
The organizatio´s data is checked in the Commercial Register, the contact data in public phone books, and the domain owner is verified against available domain operator databases. Final validation is performed by phone withthe authorization person listed in the order.
If the certificate authority cannot find certain information publicly, it requests an additional form validation. The time to issue the certificate increases by the time needed to make additional verifications.

Certificate issuance time

If you enter a correct CSR file to your order and make the payment, the validation and issuance process of your SSL certificate is generally finished in a couple of business days.

Certificate validity

The SSL certificate is valid from the date its validation is finished and the certificate is issued. The validity period runs from this date for the period (of years) selected in the SSL certificate order.

Certificate reissue

You can have your certificate reissued (if, for example, you delete your private key) any time and for FREE, if necessary. To successfully reissue of the certificate it is necessary to supply a new CSR file which contains the same data as the original order.

Certificate renewal (RENEW)

SSL certificate renewal process can be started 90 days before the end of the validity period. Don't worry about losing the remaining time of the certificate validity. This period will be added to the renewed certificate and the unused days will be rounded up to months. The remaining period can only be added when you order the SSL certificate renewal and pay for it at least 17 days before expiration.

Security features to the certificate FREE

Web Site Malware Scan

A daily malware scan of the Symantec SSL certificate website contributes to the security against a dangerous code. Details about the Web Site Malware Scan feature.

Vulnerability Assessment

The Vulnerability Assessment service discovers and assesses the website vulnerability. It helps to identify security risks quickly and offers a solution to fix them. Vulnerability assessment encompasses a weekly automatic search of websites, web apps, server software and network ports. More information about the Vulnerability Assessment function.

Certificate seal display

Information about security on your website can be supported by displaying the Norton Secured Sealgenerated by the Symantec certificate authority. It is a dynamic image from which the user can immediately recognize that the site is secured by an SSL certificate. By clicking the seal, it is possible to verify all the information about the certificate authority and SSL certificate validity. According to Synovate/GMI global research, the Symantec seal increases customer trust and 68% of customers prefer to shop and make transactions on a website with the Symantec logo. We strongly recommend using the seal on your website!

Norton Secured Seal - you can show that your site is secured by Symaatec

Comprehensive overview of our Symantec SSL certificate portfolio

SSL certificate Prices from
Price Symantec Validation Support
Issuance time
Secure Site £191.6$399OV1-2502 days1-3 Buy Detail
Secure Site Pro £525$995OV1-2502 days1-3 Buy Detail
Secure Site EV £460$995EV1-2505 days1-2 Buy Detail
Secure Site Pro EV £740$1499EV1-2505 days1-2 Buy Detail
Secure Site Wildcard £1233$1599OVNO2 days1-3 Buy Detail
Secure Site Pro Wildcard £2500 $4975 OV NO 2 days 1-3 BuyDetails
Code Signing £250$499OVNO2 days1-3 Buy Details
Code Signing EV £333 $795 EV NO 14+ days 1-3 BuyDetails