Symantec Secure Site Pro Wildcard

A Wildcard certificate is a so called star certificate. It is an universal type of SSL certificate, which enables all subdomains to be secured under one main domain. Symantec Secure Site Wildcard certificate saves the expense of buying individual SSL certificates and it also saves the time necessary for their installation and maintenance.

  • ECC and DSA algorithm available
  • Securing all subdomains
  • Trustworthy for 99.9% of browsers
  • Full organization validation
  • Daily malware scan of your website
  • Norton Secured Seal
  • 40-256 bits encryption depth
  • Free certificate reissue
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 1-3 years validity
  • IDN support
  • $1 500 000 Netsure warranty
  • Customer support in English

Recommended Use of the Certificate

The SSL certificate can be used if it is necessary to secure several sub-domains on several servers with the help of only one SSL certificate. It is ideal for prestigious or specialized web projects, for example on a server with several important services or for a provider of financial products and services for which the certification authority Symantec is a standard.

Symantec Secure Site Pro Wildcard price list

1 year 2 years 3 years Order
Price per year / CA
£3,000.00 / $4975 / 39.7%
£2,600.00 / $8706 / 40.3%
£2,500.00 / $12438 / 39.7%
Price per year / CA
£3,000.00 / $4975 / 39.7%
£2,600.00 / $8706 / 40.3%
£2,500.00 / $12438 / 39.7%

Prices listed excl. VAT.

  • Certificate detail
  • More domain support (SAN/UC)
  • Validation and issuance time
  • Validity and renewal

Displaying Certificate in Browser

All SSL certificates offered are completely trustworthy and website visitors are not inconvenienced by alerts about untrustworthiness. The browser displays information about secured communication in the address bar. Secured communication is symbolized by the lock icon and the letter “s” for http protocol. You can click on the lock to verify the website operator and certificate issuer. You will find more information in displaying certificate in browser.

displaying the Symantec Secure Site Wildcard certificate in a browser adress bar
Details of certificate Symantec Secure Site Wildcard in browser

Support for Securing More Domains

SSL certificates secure all subdomains of the main domain stated in the certificate. While the certificate is valid the main domain cannot be changed and the domain is stated with a star: *
Therefore this is not the SAN/UC (Subject Alternative Name/Unified Communications) technology which enables securing of more domains (subjects)with one certificate.

Manner of Certificate verification

The process of issuing an SSL certificate is manual and consists of data verification about the owner of the domain for which the SSL certificate will be issued; verification of the applicant's company and phone verification of a contact person. Company information is verified in a business register and company contact details are verified in public phone registers. Final verification is done through a phone call with the authorization person named in the order.
If the certification authority is unable to find some information in public registers, it requests supplementary verification via forms. The issuing of certificates is then prolonged by the time of the supplementary verification.

Time of Certificate Issuing

If the correct CRS file is inserted in the order and the payment is made, the process of verification and SSL certificate issue is usually completed within several working days.

Certificate validity

SSL certificates are valid from the day their verification is completed and the certificate is issued. From this day, the certificate is valid for the number of years chosen when ordering the SSL certificate.

Certificate reissue

If necessary, you can ask for certificate reissue any time FOR FREE (e.g. because a private key has been deleted). For successful reissue, a new CSR file with the same data as in the original order is necessary.

Certificate renewal (RENEW)

An SSL certificate can be renewed 90 days before the end of its validity. No time for which the certificate is valid will be lost: this time will be added on to the renewed certificate and what is more, unused days get rounded up to complete months. Adding the remaining time can be done only when a renewal is ordered and paid at least 17 days before it expires.

Display of the Certificate Seal

Information about security on web pages can be supported by displaying the Norton Secured Seal which is generated by the Symantec certification authority. It is a dynamic image thanks to which a user recognizes straightaway that a website is secured with an SSL certificate. By clicking the seal you can verify all information about the certification authority and the validity of the SSL certificate. According to a worldwide study by Synovate/GMI, the seal Symantec increases customer trust and 68 percent of customers prefers shopping and making transactions on websites with the Symantec logo. We strongly recommend using the seal on your website.

Norton Secured Seal

Safety Functions with the Certificate for FREE

Vulnerability Assessment

The Vulnerability Assessment service discovers the website vulnerabilities and helps to identify security risks. Vulnerability assessment encompasses a weekly automatic search of websites, web apps, server software and network ports. More information about the Vulnerability Assessment function.

Web Site Malware Scan

Daily malware scan of websites of a given SSL Symantec certificate contributes towards the protection against a dangerous code. More information about the function is on Web Site Malware Scan.

Comprehensive overview of our Symantec SSL certificate portfolio

SSL certificate Prices from
Price Symantec Validation Support
Issuance time
Secure Site £191.6$399OV1-2502 days1-3 Buy Detail
Secure Site Pro £525$995OV1-2502 days1-3 Buy Detail
Secure Site EV £460$995EV1-2505 days1-2 Buy Detail
Secure Site Pro EV £740$1499EV1-2505 days1-2 Buy Detail
Secure Site Wildcard £1233$1599OVNO2 days1-3 Buy Detail
Secure Site Pro Wildcard £2500 $4975 OV NO 2 days 1-3 BuyDetails
Code Signing £250$499OVNO2 days1-3 Buy Details
Code Signing EV £333 $795 EV NO 14+ days 1-3 BuyDetails