Secure your website so it does not become untrusted!

Since 24th July, websites which work only with HTTP have started to be flagged as untrusted. This happens once the browser Chrome 68 is updated

Websites without an SSL/TLS certificate are flagged as Not secure and this warning is displayed next to the web address.

Watch the video to see the danger Chrome 68 may pose for your website. Do not hesitate and secure your website with us, SSL/TLS certificate specialists . We are the largest SSL/TLS certificate seller in central Europe and we are happy to help you.

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Protect your visitor's privacy by encryption. Here are the main reasons

In the past, encryption was something extra, which was used only by banks and state institutions. However, nowadays it is an integral part of how a website works. Find out why you need HTTPS and an SSL/TLS certificate.

Arguments for a secure website with HTTPS

  • Website and transferred data are protected against eavesdropping
  • The content of the website cannot be changed
  • With the help of an EV certificate, you can add your company name to your website and this makes the website more trustworthy
  • HTTPS will help you with SEO (it is a ranking signal): a website can move to a higher position in Google
  • Websites with a HTTP/2 protocol will be faster

What will happen to a website without HTTPS

  • There will be a Not Secure sign by the website name
  • It will be possible to eavesdrop data or to change or steal passwords
  • Visitors will be put off by the Not Secure warning
  • The lower number of visitors will have a financial impact
  • Encryption is highly recommended for GDPR
  • HTTP/2 protocol (a replacement of the current HTTP) works only encrypted; the website without encryption will stop working one day

An unsecured website without HTTPS puts visitors off

An unsecured website without HTTPS puts visitors off

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FAQ – common questions about Chrome 68

Why has Chrome 68 started flagging HTTP as  Not Secure?

Google (but Firefox as well) strive for a faster expansion of the HTTPS protocol on websites because an unsecured website can be easily eavesdropped or altered.
HTTPS is necessary  to run a website and therefore Chrome users are warned against the risks of an unsecured website.

 When did the Not Secure warning start showing?

The change was applied on  24th July 2018,the day of Chrome 68 issue. Browsers get updated on this day. Beta versions were already showing websites with HTTP as unsecured. Other browsers will also warn against HTTP if they do not do that already.

 What advantages will an HTTPS protocol and an SSL/TLS certificate bring me?

Thanks to HTTPS, your website will be safe, trustworthy and faster (due to HTTP/2 protocol). An SSL/TLS certificate does not only encrypt and increase the trust in a website, but it contributes to a positive SEO for a website. Google has confirmed that HTTPS is a so called SEO ranking signal and that a certificate is a positive contributing factor to an SEO website ranking.  

 How can I switch to an HTTPS protocol?

It is easy to change to a secured website. We recommend using our guide 10 Steps to Transfer a Website from HTTP to HTTPS, which will guide you through the transition in 10 easy steps.

My website is not an online shop and does not accept payments. Why do I need a certificate?

An unsecured  HTTP protocol can be eavesdropped or altered, which has already been mentioned a few times. If you are still willing to accept this risk to visitors safety, the problem with HTTP will arise again in the next few years. The old HTTP protocol is to be replaced with HTTP/2 and this protocol works only in an encrypted form in browsers. Your website would therefore not be available or functional in the future.

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