Affiliate program - an advantage for every customer

Are you a company operating in the IT business? Or just you need more SSL certificates? From SSLmarket you can get a discount automatically and without any agreements.

Every customer gets a discount and without unnecessary formalities

Have you had enough of long business meetings, complex contracts disadvantageous affiliate systems and invoicing commission? Do not despair, cooperation with SSLmarket is simple and does not require any formalities. We want to help facilitate communication and data on the Internet as easy as possible and in the shortest time.

Our affiliate program is designed for all buyers who need security with SSL certificates and encryption. It is not limited to companies operating in IT, which require SSL certificates to its customers. We do not decide what project you deserve benefits and what not. The lower price because you can get the certificates for personal purposes.

To receive a discount, just buy SSL certificates with a minimum value of at least 80 USD and on other purchases automatically get a discount.

Partner Discounts

How Partner Program works?

  • automatic discounts for large ammounts
  • not just for IT companies
  • best customer support
  • cooperation Symantec Platinum partner

How to become a partner

The partner can become anyone ordering SSL certificates from SSLmarket. We do not conclude any contracts and does not oblige you to any minimum subscription. The amount of the partner discount is calculated on the amount of active turnover (not expired) SSL certificates on customer account (without VAT). The activation of discounts is therefore automatic.

Categories of partner discounts

The discount is automatically calculated for all customers. Turnover category discounts pertaining to your account, see this table:

Turnover in GBP
more than:
Discount in %
8280 GBP 25
7300 GBP 24
5700 GBP 23
5400 GBP 22
5100 GBP 21
4800 GBP 20
4500 GBP 19
4100 GBP 18
3800 GBP 17
3500 GBP 16
3200 GBP 15
2900 GBP 14
2600 GBP 13
2300 GBP 12
2000 GBP 11
1700 GBP 10
1400 GBP 9
1100 GBP 8
800 GBP 7
500 GBP 6
300 GBP 5
250 GBP 4
200 GBP 3
125 GBP 2
65 GBP 1

The discount is recalculated according to the turnover of active certificates (excluding VAT) every day.