Displaying of certificate in browser

The certificates enable encrypted communication between a web server and a web browser. Users can check that the server they are communicating with is genuine thanks to certification authorities, who verify the certificate applicant.

Users of the SSL secured websites are not bothered by any messages about untrustworthiness. Most browsers show the information about secure transfers with a lock icon, which entails further important information and details after users click on it. Also, a letter “s” is added to the http protocol (e.g. https://www.sslmarket.co.uk/).

Displaying of EV certificate in browser
Displaying of EV certificate in browser.

Information and detail of an SSL certificate

An icon informs users they are visiting secured websites and in the case of EV certificates, with a green colour in the address bar as well. If we want to find out more about an SSL certificate, we need to click on the lock icon, which then displays the basic information about the SSL certificate (domain, company, certification authority, encryption type). Complete details about the certificate are in the link to the details. There is all the information about the SSL certificate here. Depending on the type of the browser, the certificate details are displayed in several tabs and it is easy to go through the files.