You can now simply obtain a PFX file from the issued certificate

(24.8.2017) A new feature has been added to SSLmarket's customer centre: creation of a PFX (PKCS12) file. This frequently requested format allows you to easily import the certificate to the Windows server, but it is also often used for signing codes.

What is a PFX (PKCS12) format?

This is a certificate format which, as opposed to the certificates, is available in a binary text form (Base64). Basically, you can imagine the PFX file as a ZIP archive, in which the certificate is saved together with the private key and the matching certificate of the issuing CA (Intermediate). The file content is password protected and cannot be opened or otherwise edited without the password.

The PFX is mostly used within the environment of a Windows server (import/export of the certificates), but is also designed for signing applications (Code Signing). The PFX can also be used as a safety copy of the certificate.

How to obtain the PFX file from the issued certificate

After your certificate has been issued, you will find the option to create a PFX file (PKCS12) in the order details. In order to successfully generate the file, you need to enter the matching private key and choose a password, with which you would like to protect the file from unauthorised use (and which is needed for importing or using the PFX file).

Creating the PFX in the order

The owner of the certificate is responsible for saving the private key – this applies also if the certificate signing request and the private key were generated in SSLmarket. We do not save private keys, which is why they need to be entered manually into the form when creating the PFX file.

The PFX can also be created manually

This new feature will save you work and time, as it replaces the creation of the PFX file from single keys using OpenSSL. If you would like to create the PFX file manually, please refer to our tutorial How to create a PFX file.

Hopefully, this new feature will contribute to your comfort when using our services at SSLmarket.