You can now create the CSR and the private key directly in SSLmarket

(15.5.2017) We now offer our customers the possibility to create the CSR (Certificate Signing Request) and the private key within the order. This function will be useful in cases, in which you have no access to or are unable to generate the CSR on the server.

Do you have issues creating the CSR? SSLmarket has the solution

The certificate singing request, which contains the public key, is a necessary requirement for the issuance of the SSL certificate. For some customers, however, acquiring the CSR can be a problem for a variety of reasons: it is necessary to contact the server administrator, the device does not allow for a CSR to be created (e.g. NAS and other network storages) or the web host is not willing to generate the CSR free of charge.

In order to offer our customers a save alternative to CSR generators, which may compromise the private key, we improved our orders by adding the option to create a CSR and a private key.

How to generate the keys

You will now find the option create CSR with every dialogue that allows you to paste the CSR into the order:

After clicking the button, the CSR and the private key will be generated and both keys will be shown in different boxes. You will need to copy the private key and save it for the following installation of the SSL certificate.

THE PRIVATE KEY WILL OF COURSE NOT BE SAVED BY US, WHICH MEANS IT CANNOT BE RECOVERED! Please choose a save storage location, so it can later be imported to your server. The private key is – as a matter of fact – private and must not fall into the wrong hands. It is intended to decrypt the files that are encrypted with the certificate and without the private key, the certificate will not function on your server.