Updates in the DNS and FTP validation procedures

(15.3.2017) On 15th March the alternative verification methods by DNS entry and FTP file have been updated. Make yourself familiar with the small but important changes, which need to be observed when choosing one of the alternative validation methods.

CNAME entry will be changed to TXT

So far, the verification by DNS entry has been implemented by CNAME. From now on however, the verification will require a TXT entry.

In the TXT entry for the DNS validation, you now only need to fill out the target provided by SSLmarket - which will ease the process. the "left" side need not be filled out anymore, as it contains the name of the respective domain.

File for validation is now .TXT

In the validation process by file on FTP, the file type has been changed. In lieu of an .htm file, a .txt file will now be implemented.

The second update is a change in saving the fileauth.txt. It is not to be uploaded to the root file of the web anymore, but to the file /.well-known/pki-validation/. Thus it will not be possible, to upload the file to the website´s root file.

Do you require more information?

Information on the settings will be sent to you by e-mail as usual and can also be found in the order details in your customer account.

You will also find an article in our info center, which will provide you with information on the settings of your customer account. You can of course also contact our support team any time.