Three New Wildcard SSL certificates

(1. 10. 2015) We take pride in bringing the most recent offers by the certification authority Symantec to our customers.

New Certificates We Offer

We supplement our offer with new products by the Symantec certification authority. These are 3 Wildcard certificates which are used to secure all third grade domains (therefore for an unlimited number of sub-domains). Besides the domain *, all three certificates also secure the main (second grade) domain.

You will find product details in the links above.

Introducing New Certificates

Symantec Secure Site Pro Wildcard represents certificates verified by the organization and complements the current Symantec Secure Site Wildcard certificate. The Pro version also has the additional option of using the latest ECC algorithm for stronger encryption with a shorter key.

The two remaining certificates complete the offer of certificates with domain verification (DV). They are a cheaper version of certificates with organization verification (OV), which were not offered before.

Our Offer Is Always Up-To-Date

We benefit from the partnership with Symantec Platinum: due to the partnership we are able to offer these new certificates straight after their release on the market and before anyone else. So far these three certificates have not been available for purchase, not even straight from the certificate authority.