SSL/TLS certificates are issued from a new PKI

(1.12.2017) The CA Symantec merger with CA DigiCert has been completed in meaning of SSL/TLS certificates issuance. Certificates are issued from a new PKI and meet the requirements of Google Chrome.

The start of a new PKI may cause delays

While both certification authorities expect the certification process to be accelerated in general, delays can be expected at the start of the new PKI infrastructure. The time required to issue a reissued certificate could be prolonged because of the validation; certificates issued before December 1, 2017 must be authorized by DigiCert prior to re-issuance.

We expect small delay for DV certificates, but we do not recommend postponing the renew of certificates until the last day. We expect that verification of OV and EV certificates will require a several business days.

You can find the new CA certificates in the usual place

New Intermediate Certificates will be sent - as always - in e-mail with the new SSL/TLS certificate. CA certificates are available separately on the Intermediate and the CA Bundle page.

If you have any questions, please contact SSLmarket Customer Support.